Mailing List Marketing: How To Write A Professional Email?

Mailing List Marketing: How To Write A Professional Email?

In 1971, in a historical moment very similar to the moment of the invention of the telegraph, the young man in his thirties and the American programmer, “ Ray Tomlinson ”, used marketing via mailing lists and sent the first e-mail message in history, and although he sent it to himself and then forgot about its content, he Make a big change in the way people communicate.

The Internet Hall of Fame commented , “Tomlinson’s email software brought a complete revolution, a fundamental change in the way people communicate.”

Since its creation until now, and despite the emergence of many means of communication and the disappearance of others, e-mail has maintained its position in formal and informal correspondence. It is expected that the number of e-mail users will increase in 2019 to 2.9 billion users, 149,513 e-mails are sent every minute, according to statistics Email Usage Report 2017 86% of business people prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes.

The fact that email holds a huge place in people’s communication, mailing list marketing, and relationship building is indisputable. Users check email while watching TV, on the way to work, while on vacation, or even while chatting with someone else, everyone. Sends and receives email But have you ever wondered if you are using it effectively in your work, so that it achieves the results you desire?

How to write a professional email letter is not an easy task! Let us help you do it successfully and professionally so that others will read it:

The importance of emails to your business

The importance of emails to your business

Professional mailings

If you use mailings in business correspondence, you give the impression that you are more professional. Marketing offers, business relations, etc. carry a more serious character when they are sent via email instead of text messages or chat messages. Of all the old and new means of communication, mailing lists are a prestigious way. For communication preferred by professionals the most.

Effective mailings

The use of mailing lists is available to everyone. It is characterized by simplicity and speed. It reaches everyone regardless of the geographical location. You can send one message to everyone. You can send many files through it. to them.

Free postal messages

One of the advantages of mailing lists is that it is free and practical, both in terms of registration and use, it can be a low-cost marketing tool if used professionally, through which you send new offers, mailings, the latest news, and it can also increase the number of visits to your website, if You use it to send new content to readers and new products to customers.

How to write a professional email

“ I get a lot of emails ,” is users’ answer to the question business owners usually ask: “Why does a user unsubscribe from a mailing list?” At one point, before email messaging was popular, everyone was anxious for a single message to arrive, no matter where it came from. But the situation has definitely changed with the huge amount of information and the daily flow of messages of all kinds. If you want your message to be unique and not to be unsubscribed from your mailing list, or to refer your messages to the trash in the “addressee” mail, you must convince him to click and read the message You can only do that by writing a professional email.. How will you convince others to read your email?

How to write a professional email

1. The subject of the letter should be attractive

Many recipients of an email decide whether to open a mail based on the subject of the message alone. The subject of the message is the key that will open the gate, and a great way to convince the recipient to read the message. A user opens the mailbox every day to find a barrage of messages. With a simple visual scan, they can tell Decides what messages to view and what messages to delete.

If the topic is not attractive, there is a very small chance that the reader will be excited to see the content of the message. If the user will not get a value, he will not open the message, so the subject of the message must explain the value that the user will get, the topic must be direct and specific and carry a personal benefit or interest for the recipient, topics that carry rare and exclusive offers, usually arouse the curiosity of the reader, those also urgent; That is, those with a limited-time offer, or those with an interesting story, or fresh news.

Many marketers also prefer to personalize the subject line of the message to attract the interest of the recipient to open and read it, the subject of the message should be concise and related to the content of the message, carry positive words, do not make unrealistic promises through it, the recipient should feel through the subject of the message that you sent it To him in particular, even if you’ve sent it to thousands of users, the subject of the message can often be better by using numbers – certain lists or stats – or by asking a persuasive question to the recipient.

2. The content of the letter must be professional

When you can persuade the recipient to open the message, your big task after that will lie in making him satisfied with reading it, not regretting opening it. Usually, the reader of the message also scans quickly on its content, so it must be short in an unobtrusive manner, practical, and to be short it should It should contain short sentences and short paragraphs.

You must be careful to raise one topic, or ask for one request in it, to avoid distracting the recipient and diverging topics.. The request must also be clear, as the ambiguity in the message confuses the recipient, and if the content is unclear, he will not respond to you, so that the reader knows the purpose of The message is very vital for the message to achieve its objectives.

The content of the letter should relate to the recipient. Avoid talking about yourself, your company, or even the products you offer. The best way to motivate the reader to continue reading the e-mail is to carry 85% of its new content for him, useful information, and add value to his life or work, and how you can Help him The recipient will not be interested in continuing to read the letter if you have devoted the bulk of it to talking about your company, but he will be interested in learning more if you tell him in the content of the letter what you can offer to make his business more successful.

The main elements that must be included in the postal message

  • Salutations: It is preferable to use titles next to the name of the recipient, or expressions that indicate respect for the recipient no matter how many times you messaged him, such as: Mr. A personal stamp on the message, so that the recipient feels that he received the message from a human, not a robot.
  • Introducing your name: If you are writing to the recipient for the first time, he does not know you, and you are supposed to write a brief sentence telling him who you are and why you are writing to him before going into lengths in listing the rest of the details.
  • Get attention: If you’re attaching documents to the letter, draw his attention to that.
  • Tell them what to do: Tell them what they need to do or what they should do when they get your message (options help them send you feedback).
  • End the letter: End the letter with a closing salutation, classic or unconventional.
  • Use of signature: You must also include sufficient contact information that enables the recipient to reach you in more than one way.

Tips to make it easier for you to market through mailing lists

Mailing lists are one of the good marketing methods through which you present news of your blog, your site, and the latest creations, so paying attention to them is an important factor in getting good sales on your site, but some wrong behaviors in using these lists may alienate customers, which ultimately leads to unsubscribing to your mailing list.

By following the right marketing strategies, your sales will double as your customers respond more to your messages. Here are these tips that you should consider to create a successful marketing plan through mailing lists.

1. Don’t be automatic

Many startups and individuals deal with mailing lists with the concept of “sales”, which leads to writing messages to customers that do not add any value to them. Rather, all that the reader of the message will understand is “You are just a number, with your response you will increase sales.” In the field of business, everyone wants to increase their sales and profits, but Few achieve this goal.

Learning from successful models in entrepreneurship and marketing, only people who care will prove themselves in the bloated internet market. I hope you know how your customer feels when they read some “sales” style messages that end up in the trash.

When developing your marketing plan through the mailing lists, focus on what you will add to customers, the real value that the reader will receive after opening your message, send the message in a personal and friendly manner, and then everything will go well.

Tips to make it easier for you to market through mailing lists

2. Don’t be annoying

The inboxes are already full, so do not fill them with your message to end up among dozens of daily messages that are not read. Taking care of the times and the number of messages are important criteria that must be calculated. You can use some of the data that your customer registered with as his date of birth, and exploit those times in innovative ways, such as sending him an appreciation gift in this History, which will make the customer feel special.

Good marketing campaigns make sure that customers are not disturbed by a barrage of messages, otherwise your messages will turn into spam. Determine the goal that you want from your marketing plan and determine the rate of sending these messages weekly or monthly.

3. Use a good title and appropriate words

Use the appropriate words in the title of the message, make the title brief, and express the good reason for reading the message, do not use the words of offers a lot such as (new – amazing – check out – click to get – congratulations – get it now – seize the opportunity – save – subscribe – …) , so that the system does not consider it spam.

The title is the first words that the message reader will see, through which you can encourage him to read it or delete it, choose strong words that focus on the value that the customer will gain from reading your message.

4. What do you want from the customer?

Do you want him to download free content, display your new products and services, and update your site? The key is to make it easy for him and shorten the way for him. Write an interesting message at the end of which the reader knows what to do.

5. The right message for the right person

Certainly, you do not buy email lists and do not obtain them in bad ways, such as collecting them from forums and websites, as this is the fastest recipe for the failure of your advertising campaign, for classifying your site as annoying, and for your messages to be in the spam folder. You have to put in place a motivational form that collects emails from their owners who are really interested in your site services, and then comes the role of classification.

When developing your plan to target your customers, be sure to classify them into categories through the information of the form that the users filled out, as each person is different from the other, assuming that you own a writing and blogging site, you will find that some customers prefer reading articles, others prefer reading lengthy books, according to the categories of customers that Have a plan and don’t send the same message to different groups.

6. Share feature

By placing the Share button, you will benefit from the advantage of spreading your message, to expand your campaign to more customers by sharing your message with their friends. Before that, determine whether you need it or not, as you may target your offers to customers only, to reward them for choosing to use your services or subscribe with you.

7. Simple design

A good design will make the process of noticing the important parts easy for the reader, which encourages him more to make his decision to respond to the purpose of the message. Choose colors and images appropriate to the content of the message. It is preferable not to use flash images that have become relics of the last century. Letter sized to quickly load up on your operation.

Things to keep in mind when writing emails

  • Do not write a letter or reply to a message if you are angry or frustrated. The recipient cannot see you reading the letter, but they can feel your emotional state when they read it.
  • If you are going to send mail to influential people, know that they usually like to check mail early in the morning or late at night, so find those times to send it.
  • Use polite, call-to-action language; You are supposed to be trying to convince others of something in the message, and to get people to believe or give a positive reaction you should use polite language such as: (please, please, I hope…etc).
  • Avoid writing e-mail messages with an impersonal name or a vague name, as this reduces the chances of the recipient’s interest in reading it. It is preferable that the professional e-mail be sent from the company’s mail.
  • If you’re sending a letter from corporate mail, the letter must be consistent with the company’s voice and values.
  • Avoid negative phrases that could alienate the recipient, make him feel resentful, or those phrases that show your lack of self-confidence in the way: (I apologize for disturbing you, I think…etc.).
  • Before you press the word “send”, review the message several times, and avoid making linguistic errors, or writing in different colors and fonts unless necessary.
  • If you do not receive an immediate reply, avoid the urging, and give the recipient a more flexible amount of time to read the message and respond to you, you can resend another confirmation message after that to remind the recipient.
  • To use mailing lists effectively in your marketing, be sure to combine email marketing with automation, which is the system of automatically sending emails to subscribers when those messages meet certain criteria that require sending.

Marketing via mailing lists is one of the important marketing tools if you use it well, and at the same time it is one of the things that may harm your product if you misuse it, and the decision in the end is yours.

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