Increase Your Twitter Followers: 7 Smart Ways To Expand Your Audience Base

Increase Your Twitter Followers: 7 Smart Ways To Expand Your Audience Base

It is important to see the best strategies and methods used around the world in order to increase Twitter followers, as the success of the most prominent brands and companies digitally through social networking sites was not random and did not happen by chance, and not every brand on the Internet had its success on the ground or was known before its digital existence.

In other words, many companies and brands have achieved profits and gained great popularity after understanding the importance of obtaining followers from Twitter as well as how to increase Twitter followers, because Twitter is an excellent platform for searching for customers, targeting them and attracting their interest, and it is also an effective and practical way to expand and develop business.

1. Improve your Twitter profile

Paying attention to the profile is the first and most important way to build a distinguished and leading account on Twitter, and you will find on Twitter that all verified and famous accounts that have a large number of followers are characterized by an attractive and attractive profile. A profile is the face of a brand or business, and taking care of it is an important factor in attracting new followers . So it is better to follow a set of steps, to get an attractive and interesting profile:

• Choose an appropriate personal image that expresses your brand or company such as a professional logo or a high-resolution personal image of you, preferably the brand or company logo.

• Write a brief description in the BIO for the brand or company, so that it accurately reflects the product.

• You can include hashtags in your BIO description, those that help your account go viral.

• Put contact information in the profile details, such as the company’s website, phone number or mail address to contact, and you can also put the geographical location of the company or business.

• Put a main image for your profile or the so-called cover image, and you must choose an image with dimensions of 1500 x 500 PX, and if you are unable to choose a suitable image for the company or the brand, you can search within the design services section on Fiverr, and seek the assistance of a professional designer to design a professional and expressive cover image about your brand.

• Before publishing and tweeting, it is very important to understand the interests of the target audience or customers and take a deep interest in their needs and requirements, which intersect with the nature of your brand and your business.

• Create distinctive and useful content for customers. It is necessary to formulate content that is highly relevant to the nature of the product you offer, in a distinctive and attractive manner, and at the same time serves and benefits customers. Also, avoid duplicating tweets, and instead create new tweets to express your business.

2. Post at the right time

To get the most out of Twitter, you should post at times of high user activity on the site, as posting at peak times will ensure that you increase the interaction of active users on Twitter, thereby targeting more customers, which increases users’ awareness of your brand, and this brings more responses. And retweet, then increase Twitter followers. For this reason, there are some things that you should take into account in this regard:

rush hours

It is important to know that there is no ideal time to post and it applies to all brands, it depends on the geographical location of your country, not only that, you must take into account the times when your target customers are on Twitter and their peak activity on the site, and using the Twitter Analytics tool will help you in this matter , which tells you the right times and days to tweet based on your customers’ Twitter activity.

Consider all followers

It’s normal to have followers and customers in different time zones and different countries, so it’s also important that you not only reach your customers at peak times, but also reach all customers and followers at different times of time that Twitter Analytics indicates.

Use scheduling

Scheduling tweets to be published during peak times or different times when your followers are active on the site, allows you not to need to access Twitter from your phone or computer permanently to tweet, as it is natural that you will not be able to be on the site continuously. Therefore, you can use many programs and applications , such as Tweriod and SocialBro, that help you schedule tweets easily, which contributes to a large reach and wide spread among Twitter users, and thus increase your Twitter followers.

3. Maintain an active presence on Twitter

Commitment is required when you use Twitter, especially if you want to promote your brand or company, and reach the largest target segment of customers in order to increase Twitter followers. Therefore, posting tweets continuously and regularly will enhance your targeting of customers and lead to a permanent increase in your Twitter followers. Hootsuite, a popular social media management digital platform, advises posting tweets at least once or twice per day and a maximum of 3 to 5 times per day, with a thread or thread counting as a single post .

4. Use hashtags and tags

Hashtags and tags are an easy and quick way to gain followers on Twitter. Twitter data shows that interest in an ad on Twitter increases by about 10% when it includes a hashtag. Using hashtags can promote your business very quickly and in a short period of time. In general, there are some tips that you should know before you use hashtags and tags in your tweets:

Don’t overuse hashtags

It is useful to use the hashtag continuously, but do not overuse it, as the Twitter algorithm recommends using only one or two hashtags per tweet, in order to ensure that it reaches the largest number of users on Twitter.

Make hashtags easy to remember and spell

Do not use complex or incomprehensible hashtags that leave customers with many questions about it. It is essential that the hashtag be easy to read and write, distinctive, and has a pleasant impact on the ear, which contributes to its ease of remembering.

Find trending hashtags on Twitter

Always search deeply for everything that is new and popular, try to participate in the various hashtags and topics that tweets circulate, especially those related to your brand or company, as your constant use of various popular hashtags daily contributes to your brand reaching the largest possible segment of customers.

Give customers a good reason to use your hashtag

Whether there’s an actual reward for using your hashtag or just a promotional campaign for your brand, you can also ask your clients or employees to use the hashtag to help spread it out, thereby ensuring your brand’s reach.

Don’t use all capital letters in your hashtag

If you use the English language or a non-Arabic language, do not make all the hashtags capitalized unless the hashtag is an abbreviation, as the use of capital letters in the hashtag is generally undesirable and causes repulsion, and makes the hashtag as if it were yelling at the customer.

Use the tag especially with famous and influential people in society

This method would make the influencer or celebrity interact with your tweets, thus reaching your brand to his audience and followers.

5. Encourage your customers to interact

Ask a question, ask customers what they think of your brand, or ask for responses using GIFs and Emojis. It is important to engage with your followers’ replies and comments and show enough interest in their interactions and posts with your brand or company. This improves customers’ awareness of your brand and contributes to increasing your Twitter followers .

Also, one of the distinctive ways used to encourage customers to interact is the use of opinion polls and voting, as it is an easy and fast way to interact with customers, and is easy to use by the customer and does not cost him effort or time. The most important benefit of this method is that it gives you a quick review of the opinions of customers and users of your brand, in addition to highlighting their feedback to develop your products.

6. Use the Twitter Analytics tool

The Twitter Analytics tool allows you to track key indicators of your brand’s activity on Twitter, such as gaining or losing followers, the number of times your ad appears with followers, engagement rate, retweets with customers, peak times when your followers are active, etc. This tool has been around since 2014 and is available For all Twitter users, especially personal and business accounts, it is easy to use and available in all languages.

Overall, using Twitter Analytics tool helps you to optimize your brand promotion campaigns in order to increase your Twitter followers, thus getting the best results based on very accurate data, stats and analytics. Twitter uses a precise algorithm that suggests topics to users, based on what the user likes and cares about. with it. And your use of the analytics tool will improve the visibility of your brand to users who are interested in similar ones.

7. Take advantage of e-marketing services on Fiverr

Perhaps the smartest step in what we have offered is to seek the help of marketers who specialize in marketing on Twitter , thus saving yourself a lot of effort and time, and the services that you will find on Fiverr vary to suit the needs of your own business, and it includes marketing through Twitter; Manage your account on Twitter and write marketing content that fits the characteristics of the platform, in addition to advertising on Twitter, building relationships and interactions with influencers, and others.

In general, the marketing process requires more than an excellent product or a distinctive idea in order to succeed, so all tools, strategies and methods should be taken advantage of in order to achieve integrated and continuous success in the world of digital marketing and all social media sites. And because Twitter has established itself as a global digital marketing platform, it is necessary to achieve an effective business presence on it to always reach the largest number of customers.

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