How to increase sales with your website- 18 ideas for growth

How to increase sales on your website

The projects seeks through its various marketing activities to bring more visitors to its website, with the aim of increasing sales and then profits. But the increase in sales does not depend on the mere arrival of the visitor to your site, as the largest percentage of site visitors will not make any purchase, even with their access to the home page or to any of the other pages within the site.

This means that your marketing efforts must go beyond the stage of attracting visitors to a more important stage, which is converting these visitors into clients and customers who are willing to pay you for what you offer, by encouraging them and providing all the factors that will help them make a purchase decision, in order to eventually get a percentage of sales . Good earnings rate.

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What is a good sales percentage?

In general, the higher the sales rate, the more profits the project achieves. But in fact, there is no one fixed rule or framework for a good sales rate in different projects, in addition to the possibility of reading the sales rates themselves in more than one way.

For example: a site that has 1,000 visits per month and gets 50 sales will have a sales rate of 5%, while another site has 5,000 visits per month and gets 50 sales, its sales rate will be only 1%. Although the number of sales is the same in the two sites, which means that the profits are the same in both cases, assuming that the two sites offer the same products at the same prices, the percentage of sales was variable.

In a statistic for the digital marketing agency WordStream, in which it tracked the data of the advertising accounts it supervises, I noticed that about a quarter of its accounts have a sales rate of less than 1%. While the average sales rate was 2.35%, and about 25% of advertisers had a sales rate of 5.31% or more. The top 10% of advertisers in Google Ads have a sales rate of 11.45%. Sure, each of them was keen to improve their marketing efforts, but how many people actually reach their goal of increasing sales?

Sales volume depends on the nature of your business

According to previous statistics, Larry Kim, a digital marketing expert and founder of WordStream, stated that if you have a sales rate of up to 5%, this means that you have better results than 75% of other projects.

This is in addition to the difference between one field and another, as the same statistic indicated that the average sales rates in retail trade are 1.84%, while the average in projects of an economic and financial nature such as insurance reaches 5.01%.

Which confirms what we mentioned at the beginning that there is no single fixed rule that determines a good sales rate, so even if you are within the average in your sales rate, there are 25% of other projects that perform better than average in any of the fields, and there are 10% that perform better at a rate of 2 to 5 fold over the average.

We conclude that there is always an opportunity to increase sales and improve the numbers and results that you have. Here we will learn about 18 ideas to do this efficiently and professionally through your website.

The most important ideas for increasing sales and maximizing profits

In this article, we will provide you with 18 ideas and methods that you can rely on to increase the volume of sales on your site or stimulate sales for your business. These ideas suit you, whether you are the owner of an online store or sell a tangible product or digital service. As long as you have a website that sells a product or service, these methods will be effective for you, God willing:

1. Write good content

Good content provides a benefit and value that the public aspires to, and makes your brand a strong competitor in the market and a match for other brands. And by good content, we mean the kind that discusses and addresses the problems of your customers, provides them with advice and guidance to optimally use your products or services to achieve maximum benefit, It gives them a sense of satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand.

To increase your sales through this form of content:

  • Make sure you write high quality content, carefully targeted to your audience and potential customers.
  • Create a blog next to the store or page of the services you provide, and add constantly renewed content at regular intervals.
  • Directly link the points your content makes to the services or products you offer.
  • Make your content search engine friendly by matching it with SEO rules to attract more interested customers from search pages.
  • Make the headlines and subheadings strong and expressive, and touch the needs and desires of users.
  • Add a clear and strong Call to Action that encourages visitors to buy or take the action you want them to take.
  • Post your content on social media platforms and your other marketing channels such as mailing lists.

These techniques will increase sales on your site, if they are applied and employed correctly and in harmony with the nature of the products or services you offer, and with the marketing strategy followed as a whole.

2. Build a mailing list

Mailing lists are your permanent, direct channel of communication with your audience and customers, independent of social media algorithms and paid advertising costs. Through emails, you will ensure that your marketing messages reach the audience directly and with little or no costs.

Building mailing lists requires some time and effort, there is no doubt about that, as you always need to produce valuable content that persuades the audience to subscribe to your mailing list, and then convert them through the content of the mailings to your website, and the time and effort that this requires.

However, the return on investment in e-mail marketing is about 4 times better than the return that can be achieved from other marketing methods, including social media and paid advertising , which makes this type of marketing activity worth what is spent on it, even if it takes more. of efforts.

3. Build compelling landing pages

A landing page is a single, independent page that a visitor reaches/lands from an email, advertisement, or social media post, and is built for one primary purpose: to sell or try a service or product, drive a user to sign up, subscribe to a mailing list, or download an app for example.

Today, landing pages are considered one of the basics of sales strategies, as these pages are built to convert users into customers and clients by persuading them through a landing page that clearly contains a call to conduct a CTA, in addition to a set of titles, texts, and illustrations that show the advantages of the product or service and what will happen. it the user.

The importance of landing page optimization - IBM landing page as a model

According to HubSpot, marketing campaigns that contain 10 to 15 landing pages have a 55% higher sales rate than campaigns without landing pages, making it one of the effective options for increasing your site’s sales.

4. Target strong keywords

Achieving more sales mainly revolves around obtaining the right category of visitors to the site, who show interest in the quality of services or products that you provide, and the decisive factor in this matter is the keywords , which would bring you the type of visitors who are most interested in what you offer.

Therefore, add to the content of your site strong keywords related to your field of specialization and the services you provide, in order to get visitors interested in your services from search engines, and ready to buy from your brand. Through some tools such as Google Keyword Tool or Google Trend, you can know the popular keywords, which have high search rates in search engines; To get as many interested visitors as possible.

5. Improve user experience

When we talk about increasing sales through the website, it is necessary to address the composition of the site and its internal construction, the form it will look like and the extent to which visitors will be able to use it smoothly and flexibly, or what is known as the user experience within the site .

The digital design agency UX Collective, which specializes in digital designs and web page design, talks about its experience with one of its retail clients, and how their team was able to increase website sales by up to 75%, by simply making some modifications to the store and the way products are displayed in it, and improving Internal linking between the pages of the site.

Focus on improving the user experience of your site, and addressing any problems that could limit its smooth use, such as internal linking between sections of the site, ease of navigation between them, arranging single-page elements, matching colors, and improving site speed.

6. Use designs that increase sales

In addition to a good user experience, it is necessary to build attractive and convincing designs for your website pages that draw the attention of users, and make them more impressed and convinced of the products offered.

While entrepreneurs focus on things like content, pricing, and shipping policies, design issues are ignored within the site, which makes all other details less effective, if not perfect.

Perfect template for landing page design

The homepage design of Dropbox, which is famous for providing cloud storage services, is a good example of the simplicity and ease of convincing the user to subscribe to the service.

Good designs give users enough space to focus on the goal for which the page was found, make them more likely to follow the goal, and enable them to continue browsing with ease and flexibility, up to the final goal of making the decision to purchase or interact with the site. Therefore, interactive design acts as the silent seller of your product, which helps you improve sales to your potential customers.

7. Availability of multiple payment options

The availability of multiple payment options within the website or online store that you are working on, an important part of the user experience. If a user reaches the payment page on your site and does not find their preferred payment method or the one they usually use, they will most likely not complete the purchase.

At a time when the phenomenon of abandoning credit cards and electronic payment methods is increasing for many reasons, you must provide more payment options within your site, so that your customers can complete purchases smoothly and without facing any obstacles.

This does not mean providing all the payment methods available on your site, but rather you must search and read to know the most popular payment options that are preferred by your audience and customers, and those commonly used in the market in which you are active in order to make them available and available.

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8. Reviews and evaluation system

In a statistic from Bright Local, which specializes in search engine marketing, it stated that 88% of users trust reviews from other users as recommendations, 72% of them said that positive reviews about a particular product or service made them more confident in that service or product, and this is what is known Social Proof , or Social Proof , is an old marketing ploy used in many ways to increase sales.

This means that adding a system of reviews and ratings within your website will enhance your sales numbers, and make users more confident in the products and services you offer and in your brand as a whole.

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But don’t forget that users are always more inclined to give negative reviews. Therefore, the reviews and evaluation system should be an incentive for you to provide the best form of services to your customers, in order to ensure their positive opinions and reviews. You can also count on customer loyalty programs so that customers will buy from you again.

9. Use high resolution images

You may have heard of the story of the Airbnb app with photos, the app that specializes in home rental service was able to double its profit rate based on the quality of the photos alone. This prompted the administration later to hire professional photographers to photograph the homes presented on the application in high quality, instead of relying on the photography of homeowners, which is always of low quality.

Therefore, take care of the images that you display on your website, add images of high quality and resolution, especially if your project is related to physical products such as fashion and accessories, as the quality of images plays an important role in influencing users’ decision to purchase.

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10. Provide warranties on products

Projects offer warranty and guarantee programs for their products and services in order to make customers more confident in the brand and the products it offers.

There are many forms of guarantee that can be provided on products or services, such as after-sales services, a money-back guarantee in the event of a defect in the service, a maintenance guarantee within a specified period from the date of sale, and so on.

Sometimes some people fear the consequences of providing such services for fear that the guarantee costs will exceed the profit margin, but when the products are convincingly efficient, quality and effective – and they must be so for any project – then guarantee services can be provided with confidence, without fear of excessive costs as a result These warranty programs.

11. ChatBot

In addition to improving the user experience within your website and making it more interactive, chat bots are an effective way to keep track of users’ experience on your site, and to identify directly any problems or obstacles that they may encounter when browsing the site or during the purchase process, and then provide solutions quickly to customers and reduce the possibility of losing potential customers or what is known as (customer leakage).

Fortunately, adding a chatbot to your site is no longer a difficult process. There are many platforms that provide this type of service to websites and online stores at reasonable prices, and without the need for any programming expertise such as LandBot or Intercom . Such platforms help you to add more customization to your site, and make Interacting with customers is easier and easier, whether for the purpose of retaining them or encouraging them to buy.

12. Add clear product descriptions

Crafting a clear and expressive description of each of your offered products is crucial, to encourage users to buy. It is necessary for the description to be clear, expressive and brief, describing the product accurately, and showing its most prominent advantages and the benefits that the user will obtain from it.

Don’t forget to add some necessary details to the product description, such as links to the shipping policy and available payment methods, or refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page. It may sometimes require you to hire a specialized content writer to draft such details about the products or services you sell. You can use a standalone site To find an outstanding content writer to increase your sales rate.

13. View related products

Have you ever heard of Cross Sell technology , a technology mentioned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2006, and said that about 35% of Amazon sales are a result of using this technology? In short, it is the display of products related to the product that the customer has just purchased, usually appearing at the bottom of the main product on the page under different headings such as: “Users also bought” or “Related products”.

It is a smart technology that can be used to increase the sales of your site, according to the famous saying in the world of sales: “ The best time to encourage the customer to buy more is the moment he opens his wallet.”

View Related Products - Amazon Sample Site

These products usually appear when the customer makes a purchase decision, and are always related to the product that was just purchased, or complementary products to the product. Because the bag is one of the essentials for a laptop.

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14. FOMO, or fear of missing out

FOMO is an acronym for Fear of Missing Out, a technique used by many companies and projects to increase sales and encourage users to buy for fear of missing out on a product or service.

The phrases that we usually see above product descriptions in online stores, such as “only two pieces of it are available” or “available at this price for one day only” or “free delivery on request on this day” are all deliberate marketing techniques aimed at creating a feeling among users of the necessity to obtain product now before it’s too late.

FOMO or the fear of missing out on something

Other brands sometimes add a timer that tells users how much time is left to get the product, which can make users feel “fear of missing out” and make them buy now.

Added a timer that tells users how much time is left to get the product

15. View what other users are currently doing

Another trick that some companies and projects use in order to increase their sales is to display the behavior of other users on the site currently, such as the number of users who are currently browsing this product.

This trick would give the user an image of how popular this product is and that others also intend to buy it, which gives the user a feeling that he may have been preceded by someone who did not buy now, and thus the fear of missing out on the opportunity to obtain this product.

16. Offer to compare products

Adding a comparison of similar products or services on your website would make site visitors more confident in these products and more knowledgeable about what they should do, and thus make the best purchase decision for them.

So that your brand is the first choice for them to buy the product they want, after looking at the available comparisons. Amazon is one of the most prominent examples of entities that use this technology on their store pages.

Compare products to give the customer more chances to buy

17. View price changes

In the event that you offer a discount on a product, it is good to focus on this discount by showing it clearly to users with the old and new price displayed. This technique would encourage users to obtain the product at the new, lower price, and thus increase sales. And in the event that the product will return to the old price within a short period, it is good to inform users of this in order to employ the “FOMO” technique to increase sales, as we explained a while ago.

18. Social media marketing

Most likely your brand has a good presence on social media platforms like all other projects, and because these platforms are no longer limited to publishing some content from time to time, or even promoting some paid services or products, it is necessary to use your presence there for more than that.

Instagram, for example, was and still is one of the most prominent platforms that provided shopping services directly through its platform, as brands can display pictures of products and descriptions about them, and even add a direct shopping button to any post there, in addition to the ability to transfer users to the website.

Therefore, it is necessary to exploit these services in your sales strategy to facilitate purchases for users, whether through the website or through the website’s channels on social media, in order to achieve more sales.

These were 18 tips and tricks that e-commerce giants and the most popular brands on the web use to increase their sales. You can now also use it to increase sales on your website or online store by applying it to serve the audience of your customers, and make them more confident in your brand and more willing to buy from you.Posted in: Sales

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