Impartance Of Content Marketing


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Content Marketing:- content marketing is a calculated marketing approach focused on creating and giving out valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and keep hold of a clearly defined audience and ultimately, to drive money making customer action.

Types of Content

there are three types of content:-

  1. Image
  2. text
  3. video

the rules of content marketing:- in the content marketing we put the customer first it means that we should deal costumer with great efficiency. We should help the customer that he take interest in our service or product and we should not focus that customer purchase our product. We should give the information our product or services without any charge. It means we should give the customer free information or product or services. We should customer a telling story of our services it means we should not tell boring information about our services or product so that customer could interest our services. We should our content with concentration. we should write the content with the great heart.

The way of digital content marketing:-

Combination of the supply network and the users’ experience

The row of digital content marketing mainly consists of commercial partner and end-user partner which represent content providers and distributors and customers individually. In this process, distributors manage the interface between the publisher and the consumer, then distributors could point out the content that customers need through external channels and equipment marketing strategies. For example, Library and document supply agencies as an arbitrator can deliver the digital content of e-books, and e-journal articles to the users according to their search results through the electronic channels. Another example is when consumers pay for the purchase of some MP3 downloads, search engines can be used to identify different music contributor and smart agents can be used by consumers to search for multiple music source sites. In a word, the digital content marketing process needs to be regulated at the business level and service experience level because when customers are accessing digital content, their own experience depends on the complex network of relationships in the content marketing channels such as websites and videos. The consumers merge directly with distributors in the big supply network through various digital products which have an important role in meeting the need of the consumers. The design and users experience of these channels directly decides the success of digital content marketing.



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