Firstly login your word press dashboard. Now let’s add the theme to your website-

  • After opening your dashboard click appearance thereafter click on themes thereafter click on add new button thereafter let the search for the theme vantage.
  • Here is the theme which we were looking for, let’s just install it. Let’s activated now we visit our site thereafter you can see the theme on your website.
  • Now we are going to work. Let’s begin to customize it. Open your dashboard again, click on pages thereafter click on add new. Type your title name, home page. This is front page n your website. Let’s create your homepage.
  • Let’s create another page. This is about us page; add the row and widgets according to you. Add text and media on your page.
  • Let’s add your new page. This is the third page, services. Add your services which you want to provide on your website. Click on publish. You can create pages for your services.
  • Let’s create your fourth page, contact us. We add map and contact form on your contact us page thereafter publish your page.
  • Let’s create your fifth page, gallery. We add pictures on your gallery related your website.
  • Let’s create your sixth page, blog. In this page, you can post your latest work. Click on publish.
  • Let’s manage your menu bar. Click on appearance thereafter customize thereafter menus. We see all the pages which we have created. The first page is the home page, the Second page is about us, the third page is services, we want to add submenus item in your services. So just we make it, we will just give little indent on the sidebar. The fourth page is contact us, the fifth page is the gallery, the sixth page is a blog.
  • In the contact us page we install a plugin, contact form 7 for the contact form. This is the best plugin for you.
  • Now we work on right sidebar then header and footer. For changing right sidebar let’s go to widgets, we can see sidebar. It contains the entire item which we have in the sidebar. We have search, recent post, recent comments, archives, and categories. We just remove it one by one.
  • We have to customize our footer. We have to add widgets vantage social media. The title is follow us, the icon size is medium. We add our Facebook URL for our Facebook page. We add twitter URL for twitter page. And click on an open new window then save. Now we visit our site, we can see two social icons in our site on the footer. We can use visual editor for add contact us page on your footer.
  • We have to customize our header. We click on appearance then customize then theme setting thereafter click on the logo. We can add our logo image for our website on the header.
  • Now we go to the most important plugin, metal slider. Create your first slideshow. Let’s add slide thereafter upload your file which you want to add an image on your slide. Here is some setting. The effect should be fade, the theme should be the default. We add slides one by one.

You can visit or preview your website.

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